January 2017

Steve and Cindy,

I hope this note finds you both well.  We are enjoying Luna so much.  She is changing and growing everyday.  She is so great with the kids and full of energy.  She is very well trained, does fantastic in crate, and listens well.  So thank you guys for all your hard work in the first 3 months. 

An update from Master Finley

January 2017

Lollie & Slim:

Lollie delivered two beautiful girls and three handsome boys. Two of the pups, Master Yellow and Miss Pink are chocolate with white markings.  The other three pups, Master Green, Master Red, and Miss Purple, are ebony and also have striking white markings.  All are  absolute perfection.

Once again, we want to thank Jamie at Log Cabin Labradoodles for the use of Slim as Lollie's sire. Yet, another incredible pair!

I found a Forever Family!

​We are staying local for the weekend, we certainly could not leave our Finley Bear!  He is such a joy - so playful, fully house trained, not afraid of anything (except mint-flavored toothpaste - haha!)  Everyday we remark about how lucky we are, which is such a testament to you and Steve. ​

Giving thanks at Thanksgiving time...

Figgie -

Living the life in Naples

and Watching Guard

Miss Red

Mystic settling in...

April 23, 2017

Dear Cindy and Steven,

I thought I would let you know how BobbieLee is assimilating into our family.  She is doing very well.  Thank you for your working with your puppies.  She usually goes to bed around 9 or 9:30 and gets up around 5:00   Today she woke at 2:45 and peed and pooped, but yesterday we had to be at a meeting and were gone for 4 hours.  So she was a little off, but she will get back on track.

She and Nicky mostly ignore each other - that is Nicky choice right now - she tries to play but he doesnt want any part of it.  Sometimes they will lie together on one of the big beds, but it will come together.

On Friday she went to the Vets in Fairhaven - I’ve had the vet for over 30 years - its hard to change to someone closer.  She did great and she is due back to vets in 4 weeks.  Everyone loved her there.  Figgie and BobbieLee have appointments for grooming with your sisters groomer in Walpole - they were told how old BobbieLee was and they just do a quick wash and toenails.  We don’t go until mid may I am in the process of transfeering ownership of BobbieLee to me with homeagain the microchip firm

She eats well and right now she is sleeping on my feet as I am typing this.


Miss Green

"Here is Ziggy after a long day.  He likes getting wet"!


Finley says, "Nothing better than Christmas in New York with my dads".

I found a Forever Family!

Luna is surrounded by lots and lots of love.

Meet Boomer

Formerly known as Master Green.  We are thrilled Master Boomer has found a spectacular forever family.  He is living nearby to Lollie so we look forward to meeting at the dog park for play dates.

I found a Forever Family!

Imagine my surprise when beautiful Sydney  was waiting for  me when I got home from a hard day's work!

We had a good, quiet night.  He woke up early, but went right outside and did his business.

Getting Ready for the Big Arrival...!

Miss Purple

Luna's First Haircut

Master Finley, nearly a year old.  Absolutely STUNNING!

Master Finley getting a Big Apple greeting from his new daddies.

Mystic Kisses (Formerly Known as Miss Teal)

From the moment she met them, we had a good feel, we could not ask for a more perfect family for our little Miss Teal.

Her new name is Mystic Kisses , what a beautiful name based on their meeting in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.

I found a Forever Family!

Finley's First Christmas Tree

Growing Up a Patriots' Fan -

We wouldn't have it any other way!!

"The groomers gave him an A+ for his behavior while he was there"

Scout's Arrival Day is Finally Here!!

March 1, 2017

Dear Steven and Cindy,

Rocket has adjusted amazingly!  Here are a few pictures.

Jodi and Harper

                                                                                       Master Rocket -
                                                                (Formerly known as Master Yellow)

We are so excited to share that Rocket has a forever family and bond  for life  with a wonderful family in New Hampshire.  It truly was love at first sight for Rocket and his new family in their beautiful and loving home.   

"She is a really, really good girl and we are thrilled to have her."

The end of a long day.  Rocket will sleep well tonight!

Jill-a-Roo's Version:

"I Came; I Saw; I Conquered - and I LOVE it.  Let's Do it Again!!

Luna says, "I am the luckiest dog in the world!"

Rocket says, "Nothing like a daytime nap in my favorite spot"!

Finley's stats at 6.5 months"  18.6 pounds and 15" tall - perfection!

I found a Forever Family!

Stay tuned.  We hear another video is forthcoming with Scout showing us even more tricks!

Thank you to our incredible Forever Families for making wonderful homes to Lollie and Ollie's June 2016 litter.  We could not have wished for better families and so appreciate receiving updates .

We had a great day!  Boomer played some, took a nice nap and played some more.  He has been great!  He ate his lunch and all his dinner.  We LOVE him!!  I'll keep in touch.


"Hi Cindy and Steve!  Naima is great and LOVING her new best friend, Ziggy.  Dylan has to bribe her for his own "Ziggy snuggle time" since he has found Ziggy to be (his words), "the coolest dog ever"!  Ziggy likes to hike and really loves running with me.  He seems to be a bit of a bird dog, also loves butterflies and bees (that may not work out for him!)  He is sleeping perfectly now until 6:30 - 7:00 a.m., now that we moved him in with Naima.  Which is to say, all is great."

"Hello from Figgie Land! (Otherwise known as Naples, Florida).  We had a wonderful trip down with our baby and she is loving Florida!!  In this picture, she is guarding my row boat from pelicans!! What a perfect gal.  She and Chummie are so good together.  Merry Christmas and thank you for such a blessing as Figgie.  (During this time of year, she is often called Figgie Pudding"! 

Master Yellow

Welcome Home Scout...

A large minature, approximately 17"in height and weighs 21 pounds.  He is cream in color


Good evening Cindy and Steve.   Thanks for your note.   We are truly grateful with having Mystic as part of our family.   She is a great puppy.  Happy Thanksgiving!

"Finley is just the greatest dog by the way.  So smart and well behaved."

It doesn't get much cuter than this.  Welcome home Rocket!

Meet Lollie and her sire, Slim:

Hi Steve and Cindy,

We are doing well and Mystic is doing just fine!  Kids are loving her and she is soaking all the love in!  The kids fight to feed, walk, and play with her. 

They are looking forward to next week when they can spend the entire day with her. Here is a picture from one of our walks. 

A miniature parti, approximately 16 " in height  and weighs 20 pounds.

​​Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodles for Sale

Master Yellow - 

Now Master Finley.  He now has a forever family and bond  for life.

March 13, 2017

"Rocket was exhausted last night, we could barely keep him up past 8:30 p.m.  Harper took him out at 10:00 and he pottied.  He slept until 4:45 a.m.  He did not want to be alone, so Harper slept on the floor next to the crate.  He has been great all day."

  Finley's dads say, "He is an amazing dog.  We love him to pieces".

Such a beautiful girl and so grown up 

BobbieLee living the good life!

Here is how it happened...

Last Saturday, on a particularly raw and windy New England day, Steven and I decided to visit the "Chowdah Festival" at Mystic Seaport, in Mystic, Connecticut.   While I went to check on the specifics of the event, Steven waited outside in a misty rain with Miss Teal.    The family ahead of me decided not to attend the event as the rain was getting heavier.  Next in line, I stepped up to purchase tickets and also decided it may be wiser to stop at a clam shack down the road to satisfy our quenching for a warm bowl of chowder.  By the time I stepped outside to join Steven, the same wonderful family was speaking with Steven and snuggling with Miss Teal!  It truly was fate.  The Lizano family shared they have been talking about getting a pup and just waiting for the right time.  We were so impressed when we learned the children wanted a dog so much, they were willing to forgo Christmas and birthday presents.  We chatted for awhile and quickly learned how much we had in common, particularly our love of dogs.  In the meantime, Miss Teal was showing off how she sits, shakes and will roll over for anyone willing to give her a belly rub! The Lizano's had a long ride ahead including a family discussion about Miss Teal.  We said goodbye and hopeful we would hear from them.  We sensed immediately how happy Miss Teal was, with her tail wagging continuously.  We just knew it was a a perfect match.  Steven and I were so thrilled when our phone rang the next day.  Not only had the Lizano's decided to make Miss Teal a part of their family, they had decided on a name - Mystic Kisses.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Giving thanks...

March 14, 2017

"He is just too cute and loves Evelyn, so wherever she is, he is."

March 13, 2017

Dear Steven and Cindy,

I think he might be Evelyn's favorite.  Thank you again.

Jodi and Harper

Master Blue

Figgie and Chummie -

Perfect Harmony

Thanksgiving 2016

The First Day

I found a Forever Family!

Lazy Saturdays -

This is what it is all about.

Master Rocket's first taste of the water and loving EVERY minute of it!!

Luna's First Few Days at Home...

Finley Almost All Grown Up

at 6.5 Months

Miss Coco

(Formerly Known as Miss Pink)

Miss Teal - August 20, 2016

Miss Teal - July 4, 2016.

Miss Jill-a-Roo

(Formerly Known as Miss Red)

Jill-a-roo is living an adventurous life in Maine with her wonderful forever family.


Master Green -- 16 Weeks Old

"So, You are Telling Me to Jump?"

A few days later...

"Hi Cindy,👋 how are you?  Ziggy is doing amazing😀 in his crate.  He has been eating all of his food.  He is so much fun to play with.  I am so grateful.  Just yesterday, we got Ziggy's license.  He is really good in the car. 🚗  He has been doing great at his training and walking.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I really love ❤️ Ziggy.  He is number one dog.  THANKS. 🙏



Rocket snuggling with Evelyn and Piper on his first night home.

"Veni, vidi, vici"


(Formerly Known as Miss Pink)

Good golly gee, I'm as happy as can be, my new name is Sydney!

I found a Forever Family!

I found a Forever Family!

Finley is LOVING his luxurious "digs" in his new home.

Now that's what we call a beautiful and happy family.

"I Think I Can.  I Think I Can."

Evelyn's new best friend.

Updated photo of Miss Sydney

March 17, 2017

"He loves to nap in the laundry basket while we shower.  It's cozy for him I guess!  He is a love."

April 14, 2017 - First Day Home

"I was just outside with her.  She is so sweet.  I was just thinking how grateful I am that you are such a wonderful person."

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to welcome Fig into our home.  She has brought us so much joy and laughter".

July 5, 2017 - First Day Home

"He is doing amazing and great.  He is a great dog to me.  I love him.  THANK YOU".

                                                                                  Naima, 10 Years Old

April 18, 2017

Hi Cindy

All is great.  BobbieLee has an appointment on Friday with vet.  She slept until 6am today and peed and pooped.  Then had her breakfast.  She is chewing a bone right now as I am getting dressed.  She went to bed around 9:30 last night although she slept on the sofa with Brad and I as we were watching tv.  She eats well. No mistakes. We are keeping a schedule of her outsides until we really know
She has liked staying in my bathroom by herself. So I have closed the door to have her feeling more included. She wants to play with Nicky but he seems to still be aloof
She is so very sweet and loving


Boomer has already found a special place to snuggle.

Hi Cindy and Steven,

It's been a while since we have sent a picture and an update.  We hope all is well!

Mystic is doing great.  She just recently had her Lyme booster and weighed in at over 15lbs.  She's adjusting well us and is so good! 
Everyone who visits is very impressed at how good she is, especially when there are a half dozen Girl Scouts running and screaming at our house. The girls love her so much, they have made Mystic an honorary brownie!!! 

Love at first sight

Boomer's First Night

Meet Mystic Kisses!

March 14, 2017

"He is part of the pack already."

"We are so thankful that we met you to have such a wonderful dog join our family.  We love having him.  He is doing such a great job in his kindergarten class, learning so quickly."

She's here, she's here. Luna is HERE!!

It is love at first sight. 
We are not sure who is happier!

First Grooming - So Handsome!

"The boys and Luna are doing well.  She slept through the night and now up playing with the boys.  There are lots of giggles coming from my downstairs because Luna is licking all the boys!"

"Luna did great at the park on her leash."

"She did great last night; 10:00 p.m. - 5:40 a.m. with no accidents."

"My sister was just here with her 1 year old son.  Luna was so loving and playful, I am sooo happy".

"Dave and I are absolutely amazed at how fantastic Luna is about sleeping in her crate at night.  Every night around 10:00  she comes upstairs and gets in her crate and goes to bed!  Thank you so much!!"

Miss Pink

Look who is leading in all of the snow time fun!

So wonderful catching up with great friends, now part of our family.

July 19, 2017

"Hi Cindy.  I hope you are doing amazing.😉  Ziggy is sleeping😴 much better.  He is such a good boy and doing much better at his training.  My family loves him.  He is such a good boy.


"So our sweet Jill-a-Roo is amazing.   She learned to swim with my youngest son today.  We love her so much."

P.S.  She jumped in all on her own.                      

Rocket finding his special area to "take care of business".

Hi Steve and Cindy,

So nice to hear from you!  Mystic had a very busy day rooting her big brother on in his second game of the play offs.  Sadly we lost but the boys gave it their all and played with heart.  As a third seed team playing against a first seed team we knew we had our work cut out for us.  Although we lost, we are proud that they were able to make  the first and last touchdowns of the game with a final score 31-13.

Mystic is adjusting nicely.  And Steve is correct...She is exhausted! She did well with all the kids at the field wanting to pet her and all the parents were impressed at how good her temperament is.  

 When we returned home, the heavens opened up and the floodgates unleashed a torrent of water... despite the thunder and lightening, she went out in the rain and walked up and down the neighborhood.  She particularly enjoyed the puddles.  Boy does she love water!  We were both soaked but still didn't want to come in.  Mystic wanted to investigate everything and was not going to let a little water get in her way. Currently she is resting on the couch with the girls and has a favorite spot all picked out.

Attached are a few pictures from today's adventures. We will definitely send you some pictures tomorrow with Mystic dressed in costume and treating in the hood! 

Please feel free to drop us a line anytime you would like to check in. 

Thank you for such a great addition to our family! 

I found a Forever Family!

Proud Daddies...

"Hi Cindy and Steve.

Fig is a big hit.  She loves Chummie, and watched football with friends at our home.  No accidents and slept all night with no crying.  She loves her car seat and walking in the rain!  Very laid back!  She doesn't seem to require a lot of going out to do her business, but we still go out a lot.  Clearly, she was loved by you and Steven, and socially, she is very comfortable.  Love her SO much."

I found a Forever Family!

Enjoying a long weekend with Finley...

We are all doing great. :)    Scout had a ball walking about all Halloween night."

Miss Purple

        For 14 weeks we were so blessed to raise this lass.  We are so excited for Miss Fig, she is now moving to Chatham, Mass!

Miss BobbieLee

(Formerly known as Miss Purple)

We are thrilled Miss BobbieLee is next door neighbors with Miss Figgie, from Lollie's prior litter.

BobbieLee and Nicky - already good friends.

The car ride home.  Loving my car seat and getting to know my sister, Chummie

Scout sporting his holiday sweater and looking very handsome!

Boomer catching a quick nap before Round 2 of play!

Meet Master Scout -

(Formerly known as Master Blue!) 

Such a PERFECT name for this fantastic pup.  Scout is so excited to join his wonderful and caring family in Pennsylvania.

A few words from Finley's owners...

It's clear from all their puppies that Steve and Cindy, who own Tails from Down Under, are amazing and love their dogs to no end. We can't express our appreciation enough for our terrific experience with Tails. They made our Finley one of the most fearless, loving, healthy and playful pups (photogenic, too).  He's comfortable with people and, just a few days in, has been so trainable. We spent a couple lengthy visits with the pup at their house, which really demonstrated what great parents they were. It was really just like walking into another family. Separately, they were so kind as to include a take-home bag on the day Finley came home to NY, which included, among other more practical and informational things, a biography letter of Finley's early life which is very much treasured.

The First Night...

Miss Teal

A recent update from the Lizano's...

"He has been doing fabulous!  He slept through the night until 5:00 a.m.  It is amazing how he pees and poops on command when using the key words!  No accidents yet.  He is eating all of his food.  He was a little whiney when first in his crate but it stopped quickly.  He has been so full of energy.  Poor guy, hardly got to take a nap."

Some thoughts from the Dunne Family...

"From the moment we contacted Cindy and Steve to the day we took delivery of our beautiful puppy, Sydney, we had a very positive and reassuring experience. They clearly cared about and for each puppy deeply which translated into our receipt of a cheerful, sweet, well-adjusted, healthy, positive attitude puppy! Cindy and Steve also kept us updated on Sydney’s progress before we took delivery, gave us lots of helpful tips, and were very accommodating. Our family is so grateful for their personalized and professional care of our new puppy!”  - the Dunne family

Miss Luna -

(Formerly Known as Miss Green)

So excited to know she is going to a loving and beautiful family in Pennsylvania and will have play dates with her brother, Scout.

June 2016

Lollie & Oliver:

Lollie gave us two beautiful boys and five gorgeous girls. They are brown with white markings and are absolute perfection.
We want to thank Jamie at Log Cabin Labradoodles for the use of Oliver (Ollie) as Lollie's sire. What an incredible pair!

May 8, 2017

Hi Cindy   Hi Steven

Just an update on BobbieLee.  She is definitely part of the family.    She is such a loving puppy - it is very hard to try to discipline her when she might be bad.  She really is such a good puppy - up at 5, pees and poops, breakfast followed by some play time outside, again nap time and she is so loving.  At night the 4 of us pile onto the sofa and watch tv together (Brad, Nicky, BobbiLee and me) she starts out with me and then moves onto Brad.

She will be 4 months old next week but I did start today to give her a little more food.  As I am sitting at my laptop now, she is on my lap  and sometimes in the afternoon we will lie down on the bed in the sun together.  I love that.

An adorable 'lil pumpkin

"Luna went to her first baseball tournament today!"  We are still at the tournament and she is having the best time!  She is dirty and running all over the place.  She was at the field for 8 hours and had a great time.  She did really well with meeting new people." 

Boomer loving every minute of meeting his extended family - young and old!

Scout is a scout at Halloween

​​  Tails from Down Under


Call Us !

(203) 494-5291

"We are thankful for you, too!"

Master Green -- 6 Weeks Old

Our Honorary Brownie!!

"I am such a lucky girl".

Hi Cindy,
We loved your card!  Thanks for sharing with us!  Good luck with the new pups:). I don't believe I sent along the video you had asked for earlier, sorry things got away from me with the holidays, and then we were away for a bit.  It's attached!
But have fun, we saw the updated website looks great!  Scout is doing well and now he can walk a full hallway on his hind legs... a regular circus dog!!
Best wishes for a great new year and healthy pups!  We will pass along cards to any interested folks we know! 

Meet Ziggy

(Formerly known as Master Red) 

Look at me, look at me, I am as happy as can be.  I have a wonderful new family and my name is now Ziggy!