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A large miniature chocolate color, approximately 16 " in height  and weighs 28 pounds.


A miniature cream color, approximately 16 " in height  and weighs 22 pounds.

OFA Hip Test - good
OFA Elbows - normal
Yearly CERF - clear
PRA - Clear
Yearly Blood Panel - normal
Yearly Thyroid - normal
Cardiac - normal
Petellar Luxation - normal
Chroma Gene Coat Color - bbEe
DNA Tested


ALCA C002-10102008-034-LD1

After we got Lollie, we were afraid that there might never be another dog that was as exceptional. Then we met Shiloh! She is an angel—quick to learn and easily trained. She really likes to be outside, running and playing. Shiloh is a champion snuggler and an adorable dog. She truly lives up to Neil Diamond’s lyric, “all I saw was the way that she made me smile.”

​​  Tails from Down Under

A miniature parti, approximately 16 " in height  and weighs 20 pounds.

About as perfect as they come, Master Tully has a spectacular blocky head, fleece coat, conformation and disposition. Although pure Australian Labradoodle, Tully is an Irish charmer with a twinkle!  Tully is considered an outstanding Australian chocolate miniature who carries the brown and cream-white-red-apricot gene.

​​Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodles for Sale

As sweet as she is cute, Lollie is simply a love.   She makes us laugh every day.  On the personality scale from 1 to 10, Lollie is an 11!  She is happy, inquisitive . . . and fearless.   We have also discovered that she is a wonderful mom, and based on feedback from our Forever Families, know her puppies are as extraordinary as she is.