"Oh the places we will go..."



Meet Daisy Elizabeth

    (Formerly known as Miss Purple)

                                                                                                                 Master Mako
                                                (Formerly known as Master Red)
It truly was love at first sight for Mako and his amazing forever family.

The First Night...

"Just a quick update.  Mako slept through the night and was up with the boys at 5:15 a.m.  The boys are showing him around.  He is doing wonderful and the boys are over the moon excited."

Imagine the twins surprise as they stepped off the bus on the last day of school to see Miss Daisy waiting for them!  A moment they will never forget.

"She is so tired.  Love her!"

"She loves her big brother Michael!"

It is difficult to tell who has the biggest smile!!

A few words from Zoey's new mom...

"Zoey is just wonderful.  She just had her dinner and did all her business outside!  She slept most of the afternoon with us and getting us to run around the yard with her.  

Our guardian angels brought us together.  You have done a great job with the puppies and we are feeling so blessed to have bumped into you!!  Your puppies make families happy and joyful.  That's such a gift, you'll never even know how much. 

Everyone in my family has been face timing with us to meet Zoey.  She is doing great.  She slept from 9:45 until 5:00 a.m. (not a peep).  She is eating, sleeping, and very happy!  She was adorable this morning too, full of energy and lots of playtime!  She is very smart!!

A miniature cream color, approximately 16 " in height  and weighs 22 pounds.

A recent update...

"Daisy is doing great!  Such a good girl and growing every day."

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March 2017

"Zoey is a love and been an angel".

"She is passed out now under my feet"

Mako having a ball - literally!!

"Mako had his first beach day today and he is exhausted!  He fits right in.  He sends big hugs and kisses from the beach!  No swimming yet.  Just showing everyone how he barks at the waves and walks in to about his knees, SO cute."

Welcome Home Mako!

                                                                                                                 Miss Maggie
                                                (Formerly known as Miss Pink)
We are so excited to share that Maggie has a forever family and bond  for life  with a wonderful family in a beautiful and loving home.  Although there were several family votes, in the end, all agreed this adorable, magnificent pup is perfect for their active lifestyle. 

"Thank you for everything.  My boys have a friend for life!  So exciting, I feel like a new mama again.  His grandmothers are already planning to spoil him!"

"Everything is going great!  Mako is eating and going to the bathroom outside.  He loves running with the boys and napping with them too.  We just love him so much."

Shiloh delivered three gorgeous girls and one handsome boy.  Two of the pups, Master Red and Miss Purple are ebony with white markings.  Miss Pink is a beautiful chocolate brown with white markings.  Our Miss Green is a parti.  Her predominant color is white broken by adorable patches of black.  Once again, all are absolute perfection.

"I think she has a crush on Mike!!"

The First Night...

"Last night was a breeze. She slept through no problem!  I think the kids tired her out!."

                                                                                                                  Meet Zoey
                                                (Formerly known as Miss Green)

Zoey and her Forever Family - Truly a match made in Heaven

​​Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodles for Sale

Arrival day is finally here!

A small-medium parti,predominantly white with patches of brown.  He is approximately 18"in height and weighs 31 pounds. 

"She is such a good girl"

We are thrilled to announce all of Shiloh's pups have found beyond wonderful forever families!  Thank you to these very special families and please remember to continue sharing special milestones, memorable moments oodles of doodle pictures with us!

Beautiful Zoey - Such a Happy Girl

Additional praise from Zoey's family...

"Good morning Cindy.  Just wanted to say hi and how much we LOVE ❤️ our Zoey!!  She is such a good girl, so smart and playful!!  I took her to our Vet this week and he absolutely fell in love with her too." 

"She is absolutely the best girl.  We just love her so much."

"Zoey is amazing!  Everyone is totally in LOVE with her!  She was at the Vet today for her third round of shots.  She now weighs in at 12.3 lbs!  Mostly hair I would say!"  😛

"You have bred such loving and well behaved dogs.  It cannot be easy to let go of them.  The reason they are so good is a product of your love and caring."

"I still believe you, Steven, and Zoey came into our life as NO accident.  You guys are a blessing to us and so many families."