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We have been together for over 30 years and first met while at Boston College. Having lived in Woodbridge for almost 17 years, we feel it is the perfect place to raise Australian Labradoodles. Our amazing dogs live in our home and have plenty of space to play and grow. Steve grew up on the Foxcatcher farm in Pennsylvania (yes . . . That Foxcatcher farm). His dad was responsible for raising the championship beagles that Mrs. Dupont loved. Steve, with his family, spent his early childhood living in a cottage on the Dupont estate, surrounded by dozens of puppies. Dog breeding is clearly in his blood! 

After we married, we decided we wanted a dog, and we purchased a wonderful chocolate lab that we named Hershey. With Steve’s background, our love of dogs and Hershey’s temperament, we decided to breed her. Hershey produced two beautiful litters of puppies. They were sought after by many people and were featured in news photos and stories. To this day, we continue to stay in touch with many of the families who purchased a puppy. 

When Hershey passed away at the age of 15, we learned about Australian Labradoodles from other Australian Labradoodle owners (Cindy’s sister and brother-in- law). Their dog, Zorro, was as sweet and loving as Hershey. . . But he didn’t shed!! There were no problems with allergies, either. 

Zorro was such a special dog that we decided to get our own Australian labradoodle. Her name is Lollie, and she is such a perfect pet that we decided we wanted to share our joy with others . . . And tails from down under was born! We now have a second dog, Shiloh, who is another little wonder! We love spending time with the dogs. They are truly part of our family.  Whether it is long walks in our local park or snuggling with them on the couch, we cherish every single minute we are with them. We are realizing a dream come true by the privilege of providing these special dogs to people and families everywhere.

Lollie's first romp in the snow and loving EVERY minute.

Taking care of puppies has been a lifelong dream for Steven.

Steven and Cindy enjoying family time.

Beautiful Shiloh taking it all in.

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